A downloadable game for Windows

As Runa gun your way through countless waves of enemies, will you be able to conquer these trials?

Pistol - Standard weapon, somewhat weak, medium fire rate and unlimited ammo.
Machine gun - Fast fire rate, good for gunning down bosses and reduce enemy numbers quickly.
Laser: Slow fire rate, low ammunition, pierces through enemies, great for annihilating large amount of foes at once if lined correctly.

Arrow keys - Move
A: Shoot
Shift: Strafe
Esc: Pause/Unpause

Feel free to give feedback/post bugs/issues so I can continue to develop and improve upon the game. ^-^

Install instructions

Unzip to a directory of your choice and simply run the game, have fun!


RunaBattleArenaShooterv011.zip 10 MB

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